About Me


My name is Betsy Moles.  I train primarily in Canton, Georgia at Whispering Hills Farm and other barns in Canton. Ballground and Alpharetta area in  GA.

I provide training and lessons using Natural Horsemanship training techniques in the disciplines of Huntseat, Dressage (English and Western) western reining and Competitive trail .  These techniques are so old that they almost became a lost art as people looked for shortcuts in training.  My goal is to create a solid foundation in the horse and a solid seat in the rider using natural techniques.   Much of what I teach is based upon what I have learned from studying the methods of Natural Horsemanship Masters Pat Parelli, Craig Cameron, Clinton Anderson and Chris Cox and my past 4 years experience taming and training Mustangs for the Mustang Heritage Foundation.  For the Past four years I have been invited to compete in the high profile event  called the Mustang Magic in Fort Worth, Texas.  In 2013 I won this event and was crowned Champion.

Horsemanship Show at Whispering Hills Farm

Registration opens at 8:30
Classes start at 10:00 AM
1. Youth class 10yr and under
2. Novice Horse or Rider on Line Class
3. Advanced on line class
4. Liberty Challenge
**** Lunch Break****
5. Youth Under Saddle Trail Obstacle Class 10yr and Under
6. Novice Horse or Rider Under Saddle Trail Obstacle Class
7. Advanced Under Saddle Trail Obstacle Class
8. Matchbox race (Two horses and Riders two identical
courses. Who will finish first?)


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